Selling at Auction

Expert Auctioneers


Richard Matthews signature campaign is on site Auctions with energy. Our Auctions offer an electric experience delivered by expert Auctioneers with multiple agents working with bidders to ensure we always extract the highest possible price.

Expert in house Auctioneers and Directors Richard Baini and Matthew Everingham have more than 50 years of Auction and sales experiences between them. 



Expertise x Energy


With the energy, enthusiasm and expert negotiation skills that only come with years of refined industry experience, we offer an almost theatrical Auction call to keep bidding to the very last second.

Drawing large competitive crowds and unconditional contracts with a swift sale are by far the strongest points for selling at Auction. Choosing the method of sale for your home is no small task and we are here to step you through the process.

To learn more about the benefits of an Auction campaign reach out to one of our experienced agents or click here