They Shoot, They Score

Congratulations to everyone who has bought property since the Federal Election. These are clearly cashed up buyers who have seized the moment.

The resilience of Sydney’s property market has shone through since Federation and we now enter that renowned period where those who purchase and hold will inevitably see tremendous growth in years to come. This isn’t the stock market. People buying today aren’t concerned about minor adjustments months after purchasing. These are astute investors that are thinking long term and spend with confidence knowing when or if the time comes, a tidy profit is waiting for them. These are the successful people that strike at the right time. They shoot and they score.

It wouldn’t be a conversation without mentioning the “should’ve” people. These are the people that will attend our open homes and Auctions in 2024 or 2025 and let us know what they “should’ve” done in 2022 when the market was as it is today. After nearly 30 years of selling property, I’ve spent far too much time listening to these people.

Which group of people best sum you up? Are you looking to score or would you prefer to sit on the sideline?

To find out more, please reach out to me directly, or speak to any of our award winning team.


-Richard Baini


Richard Baini
Experienced. Strong Character. Energetic. Richard provides a professional service based on integrity, hard work and meticulous attention to detail. This is supported by the huge amount of referral work and repeat business he receives.