Positive Energy! It is so Refreshing!

Wow! Isn’t it just the most refreshing and inspiring feeling when you surround yourself with positive and upbeat people?! It is amazing how you can discuss the same topic with multiple people and the responses can be so varied.

Yes, a difference of opinion is healthy, but you can disagree with positive energy as well. As I write this, I have started my day with two ultra positive people who have shared so many wonderful stories, including rising in the face of adversity and it now feels as though everything that has happened to me since this meeting has been positive.

I drove away from that meeting promising myself a few things. Never be the person that drains energy from the people around me. Always add value to those in my company and minimise my time with negative people. I’m not suggesting we don’t support a friend in need. I’m sure you understand where I am coming from.

The most positive people in my life are also the busiest. Their minds are active and they don’t have time to dwell or think negatively. They also don’t allow it. Let’s make it our goal every day to start with gratitude and bring positivity to the world. It is infectious and an amazing way to live.

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-Richard Baini