When it Rains, it Pours

After a long period of very little to choose from in terms of properties on the market, it is welcoming to see a real shift in this space, with more and more being marketed each day.

What I find intriguing is how people wait to sell despite knowing they want to and knowing full well interest rates were going to keep going up in a market that isn’t on the up. After 30 years of selling, it still feels like under 6’s soccer where every player on the field chases the ball.

So, the tradition continues. We either all hold back or we all sell. If we want to see steadying markets, then we need to ensure there are less extremities in properties available. When is the best time to sell? When you’re ready to and when there is a clear indication from your experienced local agent that there are buyers ready to buy.

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Richard Baini
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