A guide to preparing your home for market

First impressions count.


Presentation can make the difference between a good price and a great price. When your home is placed on the market think of your home as the showroom, let’s impress your potential buyers with the presentation of the home compared to other homes on the market.

If you wish to obtain further advice on how to present your home for sale or for rent please contact our agency on 9642 4288 for a professional opinion from one of our experienced agents.







- Clear kitchen benchtops and window sills from dishes, racks, chopping boards, sponges, soaps, plugs, cleaning equipment, tea towels, appliances, etc.

- Ensure the benchtop is clean and polished.

- Check the sink is clean and sparkling. If you have a stainless steel sink use baking soda and a soft sponge does wonders.

- Check all appliances are in working condition.

- Clean all appliances.

- Place small appliances away to avoid clutter.

- Clean cabinetry and wipe down cabinet services.

- Remove all your fridge magnets and all other items off the fridge.

Tip: it is always good to pay particular attention to kitchen and bathrooms when preparing your home. These rooms are usually favoured by prospective purchasers.



Inside Your Home


- Declutter where you can. Remove personal items if you do not wish to have them displayed.

- Remove any extra furniture and children’s toys to create space.

- Remove excess books or magazines from tables.

- Straighten chairs.

- Fluff any cushions and pillows.

- Flood your home with natural light! Open your curtains, blinds and plantation shutters to allow as much natural light in your home as possible.

- If you need, you can create more space by storing extra furniture and clothes, helping your rooms appear more spacious.

- Check that all lights and light fittings are in working condition.

- Clear and clean staircase, hallway and ensure walkways are clear of clutter.

- Ensure flooring, carpet and tiles are cleaned and vacuumed.  Analyse flooring to ensure it is in good condition. If flooring is damaged look into getting a quote for replacement. If your carpet is stretched but in good condition maybe approach a professional to stretch back into place this can be quite cost-effective and a great solution.

- If walls need painting or a touch up, approach a professional for a quote or if you are handy it could be something you could do yourself. Sometimes the walls may need just a good clean and skirtings may need dusting and cleaning.

- Make sure there are no cobwebs.

- Remove all waste paper baskets and bins throughout the home.

- Stow the vacuum away along with brooms, mops, etc.

- Conceal all electrical cables where possible.

- Ensure all light globes are in working order and try to use the same type of globe eg. warm white/cool white

- Clean windows particularly if there are views to capture.

- Finish all painting and touch-ups before the shoot.

- Lock pets away if possible.





- Clean all surfaces mirrors, fixtures and shower screens in bathrooms.

- Remove towels, mats, scales, toilet brushes, spare toilet rolls and any other toiletries from the bathroom.

- Clean all surfaces fixtures and exterior of appliances in laundry.

- Ensure all taps and pictures are clean and are in working condition.

- Ensure toilets are clean.

- Ensure there are no cracked or broken tiles in bathrooms or wet areas. If there is it best to get them repaired. Approach to professional if you’re unsure.

- Analyse the grouting around tiles. They may need either a good clean or more grout.

- Ensure the seals around the basin and bath are in good condition.



- Make all beds immaculately and arrange pillows attractively.

- Make sure sheets aren’t visible and doona covers hide under bedding.

- Remove any visible items from beneath beds.

- Hide shoes, jewellery, tissue boxes, laundry baskets, fans and heaters.




Outdoor Entertaining


- Rake or remove leaves from patios or outdoor entertaining areas.

- If you have a swimming pool, spa or a pond, ensure they are clean and the areas around them are tidy.

- Store any cleaning equipment or chemicals away.

- Make sure the pool is free of leaves & the pool vacuum is stowed away.

- Remove BBQ cover from the BBQ, spa lid from the spa and pool cover from the pool.

- Ensure all outdoor lighting is in working order.

- Place cushions upon the outdoor setting seats if available.


COMPLIANCE & NON-COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATES: if you have a pool, spa or deep pond on your property, the NSW Government now requires you to be compliant with the current legislations and regulations. If you are unsure if your pool is compliant you can check online through this link:  https://www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au/




Gardens & Lawns


- Keep in mind your gardens and lawn are like a beautiful frame for your home.

- Ensure gardens are neat and pruned

- Ensure lawn is freshly mowed and cut.

- An easy way to define your garden beds is by mulching.

- Trim your hedges and edges. Especially around your windows to help enhance natural light inside your home.

- Hide any garden tools, hoses, empty pots, dead plants and pet beds/bowls.

- Remove dead plants or pot plants.

- Take the washing off the line.

- If your garden beds are looking bare, approach a professional at a hardware store or nursery for low maintenance plants to help lift and elevate the area. Take photos as visual aids will help.



The Exterior


- Analyse your exterior paintwork. It may need to be touched up or repainted.

- Clear clutter from the letterbox and ensure the house number is clearly visible.

- Ensure the gutters are cleansed and repair if needed.

- Clean and tidy garage and/or carport.

- Clean and wash all windows and glass doors and repair if any are broken.

- Clean deck, patio, balcony, verandah, pergola or Vergola. Ensure they are safe and sturdy.Medium Heading

- Pressure clean driveway and/or footpath if needed. 



Property Appraisal
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