Getting Away from the Worst Place in the World

Uh oh! It’s that time again.

The negative journalists are out in force and they finally have another topic other than covid; ‘Let’s create panic in the property market’. The hardest stance is often taken by journalists looking to buy property themselves. Maybe their hysteria will cause a price drop? The funny thing is, their negativity transfers into nerves when it comes to buying and they never have the courage to take a leap.

The most dangerous and worst place in the world is your comfort zone. I’m yet to meet a successful person in any walk of life that didn’t challenge themselves in a way they never thought was possible. The smartest people I know zig when others zag.

There is no question that there has been an adjustment. However, it isn’t nearly as dramatic as reported. The people looking to move forward with their lives are the same people transacting. Whether buying or selling, it is always a good time to make a move when you have a plan. Staying still is the fear. You end up in the best seat in the house as the world and opportunities pass you by.

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-Richard Baini


Richard Baini
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