Recommendations & Reviews

Matthew was able to get us to market in a record 10 days after we made a spontaneous purchase on a new house and had to sell our current place. He had the contacts and the drive to make it happen. Selling is tough in this current climate but Matthew worked his usual understated style and delivered a great outcome for us again.

31 John Street, Ashfield NSW 2131

from Vanessa Anthony

We met Jackson at a place in the inner west about a month ago at a place we loved. Jackson was in constant communication with us about this property and any question we had he would answer. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in getting that property, fast forward a month late we receive a call from Jackson saying he just got two properties on his desk are we still looking, we were. We went in and saw the place as we knew at that moment it was going to be ours, and it is. This has all come about because Jackson is just so genuine about everything he says and at no point in our time dealing with Jackson and the team at Richard Matthews for all your realestate needs. Thank you Jackson for everything you have done for us and we hope this won't be the last time we are in contact. Thanks mate.

7/1 Bligh St, Burwood Heights NSW 2136

from Tomas

Jackson is extremely hard working and organised. From the minute we signed an agency agreement, Jackson wasted no time in organising cleaning, hire furniture, photos and inspections. The sale ran like clockwork, Jackson sold our home before it went to market! He is the superman of real estate. There was nothing he couldn't do. He was flexible and accomodating to our requests.

7/1 Bligh St, Burwood Heights NSW 2136

from ElaineArth

Jackson has been very helpful and diligent in the sale of our property, will recommend him to anyone else!

24/10 Webb Street, Croydon NSW 2132

from Daniel

Jackson was a great communicator and kept me well informed. This was my first home purchase and there was no silly question with Jackson (I had a few). He is clearly very passionate about hi job and dedicated.

3/6 Courallie Ave, Homebush West NSW 2140

from Megan

Mai is a great professional agent. She was very helpful and supportive for us, a really nice human being. We had a great experience with her and hoping to do business with her in the future. Highly recommended Mai to everyone I know.

1 Bligh Cl, Georges Hall NSW 2198

from Vietd

Laura may have been faced with some challengers imposed by us, her commitment was unwavering. Laura is a true professional in all senses.

58 Beatrice St, Bass Hill, NSW, 2197

from David & Anne

Laura was a key factor in the successful sale of our property. She is highly organised, communicating with me honestly and frequently throughout the campaign about the little things that can lead to a great result. I found Laura to exude for your hard work and commitment!

5 Pennington Avenue, George Hall NSW 2198

from Maria

Very helpful and approachable.

5 Pennington Avenue, George Hall NSW 2198

from Annabelle

We were so lucky to deal with a professional energetic hyper person like you Laura, your communication with your client is amazing, I have a feeling that one day you will be one of the most important and popular agent in Sydney. All the best for you and Patrick.

4/14 Jensen Street, Condell Park NSW 2200

from Wissal Ahmed