Results and Service Versus Fees 3 / 23

A stabilising market reinforces the need to choose the best performed agents to represent your property, whether selling or managing your investment. Sellers in particular have enjoyed 2 to 3 years of huge growth and there is an argument that in some instances the market did more for the result than the agent. During this period, sellers were very much fee focussed.


The current climate couldn’t be more different. There has never been a more important time to choose the highest achieving and most consistent agent/team to represent your property, for both sellers and landlords.


Read the reviews, research your agent, attend their open homes, Auctions and call them with general enquiries. When it comes to selling property and protecting your asset, a slight difference in fees means very little. Ultimately you end up with far more in your pocket when represented by the strongest negotiators.


In this day and age, the bigger teams are best prepared to over service you and your property. More people means more attention to both detail and your property.


-Richard Baini

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