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Winter may typically be the season to snuggle in with a good book and your favourite cup of tea however, it is also an excellent time to capitalise on a traditionally slower market.

The cooler season doesn’t dampen the housing market quite as much as it does our doorsteps. In fact, with fewer homes on the market there is less competition and greater demand among buyers. Here are a few tips for selling your home in Winter:

1. Brighten your Kerbside Appeal

In a recent survey by Finder, it was revealed that 47% of Australians will have already decided if they like a property or not upon opening the front door. This means your street front appearance must be polished and manicured to perfection.


Obvious repairs should all be done, roof tiles, front gate, lawn mowed and garden maintained. It is however, the little touches that make a potential buyer feel at home. Consider planting some bright flowers, placing a welcoming door mat, re-painting your front gate, sprucing up your mailbox or front door.


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2. Turn up the Heat

Create a warm environment to escape from the cold outside.  Especially with COVID implied viewing limits, this could make all the difference. Not only will it put a buyers mind at ease that yes the heating does work it also presents the home as a safe oasis they can imagine relaxing into after a long day.


Play into the idea of creating a warm environment by baking some fresh cookies, lighting the fireplace, picking candles that coincide with the smell of fresh baked cookies. Draping a chunky knit blanket over the couch and beds with a few plush cushions makes all the difference.

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3. Let the Light in

Allow your home to be saturated with natural light.  Open all the curtains and blinds and consider removing or pushing them to the side where possible. This will emphasise the size of your windows and welcome more light inside. Cleaning the windows is also key here.

Think carefully about the best time of the day to have your home open for inspection. People are generally more willing to come through during the daylight hours. The natural lighting will also showcase the exterior of your home.

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