Moving with Kids 7 / 23

Congratulations! You have finally secured your new home, the perfect place to raise your family and create a lifetime of memories. Now you’ve finished all the hard work of searching for and securing your new home, all that’s left to do is survive moving with your kids…

Once you have made it through the explanations and barrage of questions and complex child emotions, the time comes to physically start packing up your home and getting ready to load it all into a truck come moving day.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few helpful tips:

Plan, Plan, Plan

  • The best advice here is to start earlier than you think you need to, you’ll thank yourself down the line
  • Create a moving week plan, it helps to assign certain room to different days and keeps everyone together
  • Come up with a fun to do list, recruit your kids to simple jobs to keep them busy and make them feel like an excellent help
  • Create a routine, this will help you and your kids
  • Lastly, utilise your kid free time


When in Doubt, Throw it Out

  • Children tend to accumulate a lot of items, not all useful. Toss out anything broken, any old school work, and toys you’re pretty sure they have forgotten they own
  • Be a little sneaky, especially in those rare child free hours. Throw away anything you’re sure they wont miss
  • Give kids options when it comes to their things, ask them to pick one to throw away and two to keep etc


Help them Adjust

  • Keep a positive attitude, your kids pick up on your energy
  • Give your kids a say, allowing them to make some decisions helps ease feelings of anxiety
  • Take lots of pictures on your old home, they will likely have a hard time saying goodbye especially if this is a first move. Photos can be put into an album or scrapbook
  • Check in with them, ask how they’re feeling and if you can help them in any way
  • Expect strong emotions and help them in the way you know best, every child is different


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