Peter Baldwin

Peter Baldwin

Auctioneer - Freelance

Peter Baldwin, Richard Matthews Real Estate's chief auctioneer, is widely recognised as Australia's premier property Auctioneer.

Clearly one of the most gifted auctioneers the industry has seen, Peter has the most intelligent, articulate and purposeful auction delivery of any auctioneer in his field.

As a third generation property practitioner, auctioneering is in Peter's blood. His grandfather, Mark, was known for his ethics, forthrightness and sincerity in dealing with clients. His father, Brian is undoubtedly one of the finest Auctioneers ever to swing the gavel and his inimitable style is revered throughout NSW. Peter has a true passion for auctioneering. Eager to start, he began calling horse races in far north-west NSW and southern Queensland at the age of 15. By 18 he was auctioning fat sheep and cattle in the tough Inverell saleyards.

This invaluable experience which continued throughout his Hawkesbury days, gave him excellent training for thinking on his feet, administering clear diction and varying the speed and tone of his delivery. In addition to outstanding street-smarts, Peter holds a Bachelor of Business in Land Economy, with a major in valuation, and is an accredited Licensed Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, Stock and Station Agent and Registered Valuer.

Over the years Peter has auctioned over 22,000 properties with a value excess of $9 Billion. He possesses an inordinate under the hammer national domination of the $6 million plus residential market. Peter is relentless in his pursuit of the highest price and visits every property prior to auction day, to ensure only the best result is achieved.